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Several generalized search engines exist. 5 Google Groups or other date-stamped media, can help establish the timing and context of early references to a word or phrase. Alvin More and Brian. Some subjects, such as pornographic actors, are so dominated by these that searches cannot be reliably used to establish popularity. Note that if you are signed in to a Google account when searching on Google then this may affect the results that you get, based on your search history. Sites that contain large amounts of copyrighted content (Image galleries, subscription newspapers, webcomics, movies, video, help desks usually involving membership, will block Google and other search engines. Best for scientific or academic topics. The following collapsible sections cover basic examples and help for using search engines with Wikipedia.

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Similarly search engines cannot read PDF files consisting of photoscans or look inside compressed (.zip) files. Google indexes self-created pages and media pages which do not have a neutrality policy. Language selection bias For example, an Arabic speaker searching for information on homosexuality in Arabic, will likely find pages which reflect a different bias than an English speaker searching in English on the same subject, since popular and media views and beliefs about seksiseuraa jyväskylästä raakkel liekki porno homosexuality can. Because the sources are very different, hit numbers are not comparable, however Group searches are particularly helpful in identifying matters which might be discussed, or whose presence may have been artificially inflated by promotional techniques; it is suspicious if a phrase thai massage tampere seksiseuraa imatra gets, say, 100,000 Web. The 2004 Economic Crime Summit Conference archive is even worse as that was in three places and none of the archived links tells you anything about the papers presented. For example, a Google search for "the green goldfish with"s, currently initially reports around 22,700 results, yet on paging through to the last search results page shows the returned number of hits to be 370. General web search engines (Google, Bing web search etc.) Dark net Search engines exclude a vast number of pages, and this may include systematic bias so that some matters are excluded disproportionately (for example, because they are commonly visible on sites that do not allow. Common search engines See also: List of search engines The most common search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo, but the most useful search engine, which depend on a context, may not be the most common ones. These adapt your query to many search engines. Alexa Internet is a tool for this ( Hitwise and Quantcast are others). A search engine test cannot help you avoid the work of interpreting your results and deciding what they really show. Alexa ratings In some cases, it is helpful to estimate the relative popularity of a website. For searches with few reported hits (less than 1000) the actual count of hits needed to reach the bottom of the last page of results may be more accurate, but even this is not a sure thing. A Study of Using Search Engine Page Hits as a Proxy eroottista hierontaa ilmainen numerohaku netissä for n-gram Frequencies, Proceedings of Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing 2005 Baroni, Marco and Ueyama, Motoko (2006) Building general- and special-purpose corpora by Web crawling, Proceedings of the 13th nijl International Symposium Language. Alexa itself says that ranks lower than 100,000 are not reliable. A web browser plugin can add a search engine or a meta-search engine to your list of choices. Topics alleged to be genuine can be checked to test if they are referenced by reliable independent sources; this is a good test for hoaxes and the like. "Sizing the Internet" (PDF)format requires url ( help ). A program known to be part of the 2002 Economic Crime Summit Conference and at one time was listed on a website on the Internet currently cannot be found by Google.

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Depending on the type of query and kind of search engine, this variety can open up to a single author. Common biases include: General biases General (the Internet or people as a whole) Personal bias Tendency to be slightly more receptive to beliefs that one is familiar with, agrees with, or are common in one's daily culture, and also to be more doubtful about beliefs. Journal of Neuroscience, 28, Further reading Joe Meert. Popular views and perceptions are likely to be more reported. Org (University websites search engine) Google groups archives Usenet. A manageable sample of results found should be opened individually and read, to actually verify their relevance. For example, there may be many references to acupuncture and confirming that people are often allergic to animal fur, but it may only be with careful research that it is revealed there are medical peer-reviewed assessments of the former, and that people are usually not. It can also be used to replace an unsourced "common knowledge" fact with a print-sourced version of the same fact. Names from many cultures are traditionally given together with titles that are considered part of the name, but may also be omitted (as in Gazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha ). Specific uses of search engines in Wikipedia Google Books has a pattern of coverage that is in closer accord with traditional encyclopedia content than is the Web, taken as a whole; if it has systemic bias, it is a very different systemic bias from Google.

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16 Yet today Google cannot find that information! Attention should instead be paid to what (the books, news articles, scholarly articles, and web pages) is found, and whether they actually do demonstrate notability or non-notability, case by case. Google search for: AYB OR aybabtu OR "All your base" Google Answers question on word frequency in news sources Takuya, Funahashi; Hayato, Yamana (2010). Discerning the reliability of the source material is an especially core skill for using the web, while the wiki itself only facilitates the creation of multiple drafts. 8 9 Other useful considerations in interpreting results are: Article scope: If narrow, fewer references are required. For example, from the about 742 million pages related to "Microsoft Google presently returns 572 "distinct" results (as of 14 December 2010 11 ). Other Note that other Google searches, particularly Google Book Search, have a different systemic bias from Google Web searches and give an interesting cross-check and a somewhat independent view.